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September 2, 2014

More than 15 years ago, I stumbled upon something new while looking for a class for c.e.u.'s for my horticulture certificate. The time fit my schedule, and off I went to Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida to take a class in something called Hypertufa.

By the end of the day, I was hooked. I held my first workshop the following year, and soon started making pots for retail sale through local festivals. In 2009, the circle was complete as I returned to Leu to teach.

I'm still hooked on Hypertufa, and I think you will be, too. My horticulture certificate has expired, since my time is spent making pots. The pots are rustic and natural, and they provide a perfect growing environment for all your plants.

Look for a class at your local botanical garden or come to Florida and join one of my workshops. The joy of Florida is that I work and teach outside year round.

Stop and visit my little garden. I am part of an international organization, Quiet Gardens, (see links) that encourages everyone to slow down and visit a peaceful garden to meditate and pray. And if you want to feel good about your gardening efforts, visit mine - always in transition, never finished and certainly never perfect. Because of our construction this summer, make sure to let me know you will visit. I have the gates locked.

This summer is building and rebuilding in our front and back tiny gardens - deck is gone in the back and the lawn is gone in the front. I'm looking for simpler, flowing lines and less clutter outside as well as inside the house. We'll update the garden tour section as we progress.

This Fall has us making plans for the Hermitage Show in Nashville and a return to Lake Wales for Boktoberfest, and much more. We are also excited to have been invited to attend Augusta's Arts in the Heart.

I'm waiting for answers from Florida juries in Cocoa, Palm Beach, Lake Mary and St. Augustine. Check back for our final calendar.

Jump in - try hypertufa - make a mess!

See you soon,


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Thanks to those who attended my workshop Saturday in Jacksonville - let me know how your works of art turn out!

    I'll be in beautiful Augusta, Georgia for Arts in the Heart on 9/19-9/21.  See you there.

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I love to make special pieces just for you, but remember, it's not an instant process. It takes me at least 30 days to order tiles and make a planter. And, for custom molds, it takes my husband at least a week.

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