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August 23, 2015

More than 20 years ago, I stumbled upon something new while looking for a class for c.e.u.'s for my horticulture certificate. The time fit my schedule, and off I went to Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida to take a class in something called Hypertufa.

By the end of the day, I was hooked. I held my first workshop the following year, and soon started making pots for retail sale through local festivals. In 2009, the circle was complete as I returned to Leu to teach.

I'm still hooked on Hypertufa, and I think you will be, too. My horticulture certificate has expired, since my time is spent making pots. The containers are rustic and natural, and they provide a perfect growing environment when used for planting.  They are also lovely next to the fireplace or with a dried arrangement.

Look for a class at your local botanical garden or come to Florida and join one of my workshops. The joy of Florida is that I work and teach outside year round.  Leu Gardens in Orlando is a perfect place for me to teach and for you to visit - a top tier botanical garden on the quieter side of the city, near museums and shopping.

If you want to feel good about your gardening efforts, visit mine - always in transition, never finished and certainly never perfect.  I continue to enjoy my Keyhole Garden. The rubble wall is full up to the top, providing condo living for lizards and frogs, who then rid the garden of bugs. I keep adding manure and peat every year and compostables to the center.

Late Summer is here in northeast Florida, "dog days" (blame the Greeks & their stars), although even the dogs and cats prefer to be indoors.  It's hot just standing still, and then it rains and the steam rises from the street, a cool breeze blows for about five minutes, then the heat returns. I never need to worry what to wear - always as little as possible. 

You will find me in the garage making pots - trying to keep up with my classics while adding some new ideas.  With hubby help, we are making tiles from resin, rock & copper.  It's great fun, and you never know what will come next. At every show, customers give me ideas for what they would like to see me create, and I often give it a try.

New shows in new places for fall of 2015!  New ideas and more new ideas.

Jump in - try hypertufa - make a mess!

See you soon,


My Garden

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1st Place
Art in the Park
McIntosh Art Association, Georgia 2015

1st Place
National Cornbread Festival, Tennessee 2015

Latest News

 What fun we had in Cary, NC the past few days.  Thanks to my new customers - hope to see you again soon.

 Now, a couple of weeks to finish prep for Aiken, Augusta and Atalaya. I hope to see you at one of these outstanding Southern events.

I will be a part of Atalaya Arts & Crafts, Huntington Beach State Park, SC, September 25-27. Enjoy the beauty and history of Atalaya and Brookgreen, built in a time of great luxury, and preserved for us all.

And, while in the area, visit the show at Market Commons, Myrtle Beach, produced by my friend Bill Maurer and Seacoast Artists Guild, also Sept. 26 & 27.

Wow, an outstanding weekend in coastal South Carolina at a beautiful time of year - Fall in the South - it's not all about leaves!

A news brief: 

Bok Tower Gardens' BOKTOBERFEST is adding a second day this year - 10/17 & 10/18, so you will have two fun days at Florida's premier garden.  While it is often called a plant sale, it is so much more - free admission, great food, music and shopping, along with the perfect time to buy pottery, planters, organic clothing,  natural products & other green items, including lots and lots of plants.

And, added, the Briar Patch Festival, Eatonton, GA, October 31st.  Eatonton is a lovely town and pulls out all the stops for this event. 


Details and links to all of our events, click here

Special Orders

I love to make special pieces just for you, but remember, it's not an instant process. It takes me at least 30 days to order tiles and make a planter. Custom molds also add to the time needed.

I will meet you at a show for delivery, or, if I am going to be in your area, I will gladly deliver.  I do not ship due to the weight. 

Address Pots

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What is a Keyhole Garden?
Pete & I built a Keyhole Garden - Click here for pics!

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